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2003 America's Cup

Team New Zealand
 Team New Zealand



The 2003 America's Cup. What a spectacle! In New Zealand, the past few months, it is all you ever hear about from the media.

I predict that alinghi will win the cup. Currently alinghi leads Team New Zealand by 2 - 0.

Trouble in race 1After watching the first two races, I personally think Team New Zealand is going to find it very difficult to beat alinghi! I think this because of several factors: The afterguard on Team NZ is too inexperienced compared to the rivals. In the second race, Coutts and Butterworth showed their incredible tactics, the move they had the guts to pull on the last leg was nothing short of brilliant, it left Team NZ puttering along, watching alinghi sail on bye! Also, after the first race, everyone surely has got the feeling that Team NZ has tried to put too many fancy gizmos on the boat, which are not tried and tested under the real race pressure of a Finals race. It's also probably our time to lose, you can't win forever.


I don't like the way the whole Loyal campaign is aimed against alinghi. Actually, it really stinks! I always thought we New Zealanders were a very competitive bunch, but, also quite sportsmanlike. We don't know the exact reasons that some of the previous crew went elsewhere. There are 6 kiwis on alinghi, so do we not support their efforts so far? Given the chance for better money, better work environment, a good likelihood of winning this years cup and being involved with it in the future, combined with not feeling happy where you were, wouldn't you move on too??

Support Team New Zealand positively! Being angry at the opposition is very backward support!

Do I want Team New Zealand to win? Yes
Would it be a loss to the country if the cup leaves our shore?  Yes
Would I be upset if alinghi wins and pissed at their crew? No


All the best to Team New Zealand and alinghi, may the best team win!


Posted on Monday, 17 February 2003 6:26 PM