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Am I really stupid?

I really have a bone to pick with our Prime Minister Helen Clark. During the whole Privy Council vs Supreme Court debate, our PM said that she didn't care what the general public (that's me included) thought on the matter because we are all too stupid to actually understand it!

Miss Clark, I really do object to what you are saying. But I understand where you are coming from. It fits in perfectly well with the whole I know best, and you must do as I say, without thinking for yourself, thing that you seem to be getting on more and more.

In case our PM hasn't noticed, she is there because the country couldn't decide who to elect as government, Labour doesn't have a majority of support, and I would think with the way they are looking down on the New Zealand public at the moment, they will have even less support next election.

Our current government must understand they are in power to represent the people, not to create there own little dictatorship!

I say power to the people, not Helen Clark!

Posted on Thursday, 16 October 2003 3:55 PM