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Deadly Model Helicopters

It's a sad time in Model Helicopter World!

Over the weekend, the first case of a model helicopter killing someone occurred. Ron Kyle was helping another person with learning to fly his helicopter at Tom Bass Park in Houston, when the helicopter apparently got away on the new pilot and headed towards the two of them. The man learning to fly go out of the way, but Ron didn't. The blades hit his neck, cutting his jugular vein and he soon died on the scene.

This must have been horrific to see for the people there, especially so for the student and the several young kids that were around.

My condolences to the families and all other involved in this accident. It's a horrible way to be reminded that these rc helis are not toys, but need our respect. I for one will put a little more distance between anyone around and my heli.

It does make you think about how precious life really is, and how easily it can end. We really do have to make the most out of life, every day!

Posted on Wednesday, 5 November 2003 10:53 PM