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Cigarettes are being banned!

Our wonderful government is about to pass legislation that will ban smoking in New Zealand bars, restaurants and casinos (as well as a few other places like schools. But strangely, if you have been naughty, and are in prison, you are free to smoke all you want).

Again Nanny State Labour, is flexing it's big muscles and telling all of New Zealand what they should and shouldn't be doing. Forget thinking for ourselves, this is sheep land, and Labour is on it's power trip, treating us all like sheep. Hospital waiting lists are getting longer, break a bone and you may get treatment by christmas. Schools are getting shut down, a lot of social government departments are getting more and more unsocial in their behaviour and the poor are getting poorer, pretty much everything Labour is meant to stand for.

But I digress, now smoking is almost banned. Why doesn't the government simply outlaw it altogether? I mean prohibition, is doing wonders at keeping illicit drugs in check. No, banning cigarettes will never happen, but it is a money matter, I checked the revenue figures, 2% of the government's revenue is directly from tobacco sales, cut that out and the country is bankrupt overnight!

So all us New Zealanders are slowly loosing our rights to free choice. Why can't we choose to frequent a smoke free bar, or choose to have a nice brandy in a cigar bar? Why not let people decide what kind of environment they want to be in??!  No Helen says......


Posted on Wednesday, 3 December 2003 9:29 PM