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The Cleaners are on Strike in Christchurch!

The Mayor of Christchurch Gary Moore called the inner city street cleaners to strike this morning. Mr. Moore had been receiving a lot of complaints that the city had too much rubbish everywhere, and that the council was doing nothing about it.

So Mr. Moore told the cleaners not to clean this morning. Of course the city was a mess. Many of us have been out late and seen the rubbish strewn around everywhere. For some reason, unknown to me, Christchurcheans like to leave KFC boxes on the pavement after drinking. The cleaning crews are seen out at about 5am shining up the city, before most wake up, ready for the day.

The cleaning crews do a great job! They do not get enough credit for what they do each morning. I say, good on Mr. Moore for proving his point, that most of the rubbish is being looked after!



Posted on Saturday, 13 December 2003 7:15 PM