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Friday, 17 June 2005 #

Get Outlook 2003 RPC Over HTTP To Remember Your Password

Outlook 2003 has a brilliant new feature that allows it to hook straight into your Exchange 2003 store from anywhere on the internet. It's called RPC over HTTP. This allows outlook to function remotely just as if you were inside your corporate network.

The biggest problem I've found when using this, is unless you logon at your home or remote computer using your domain credentials, it always asks you for your password. Clicking the Remember my Password box does not seem to save your password.

I looked around on the internet for a solution to this, but officially, the only supported configuration is to login with your domain account, which isn't exactly practical from say a home computer.



I sat down and finally figured this out. In short, the problem is, with a Front-end, Back-end Exchange layout, the client computer is not saving the password for the Front-end computer.

There are lots of articles on setting up RPC over HTTP on the internet, so I won't go over all of those, if you are getting the Remember my Password prompt in Outlook, then can access your mailbox, you are almost there.


Front-end RPC virtual directory  
  • Check that your Front-end Exchange server's RPC virtual directory is setup correctly:
    • You want to make sure you have a trusted SSL Certificate installed on the default web site.
    • Check the RPC's virtual directory's security. Integrated Windows Authentication must be selected.



  • On your client, you need to go into your Mail settings, then check your Exchange Proxy Settings.
    • Ensure that Connect using SSL only and Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL are both checked on.
    • Enter in the Principal name for proxy server: in the msstd:frontend.domain.com format.
    • Select both the Fast and Slow settings.
    • Make sure the Proxy authentication settings is set to NTLM Authentication.


  • Now the real trick. Outlook will, when you select Remember my Password, store your password for the Back-end Mailbox server. But it does not save your password for the Front-end Proxy server.
    • Go into your Control Panel > User Accounts > Advanced > Manage Passwords.
    • Click Add, then type out the name of your Front-end server. This should be the same name as your SSL certificate on the default web site that contains the RPC virtual directory, put in your username and password.


That will prevent the password prompt reappearing again.


One thing to note: when you change your domain password, Outlook will re-prompt you for your password, Outlook will save it in your Managed Passwords, but again, only for your Mailbox server. You will need to go back into your Managed Passwords, and manually update the Front-end servers password.


  Mail - Exchange Proxy Settings

Stored Passwords


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