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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 August 2013  


Get Outlook 2003 to Remember your Password when using RPC over HTTP

   My Old Client Stats   Setup Seti@Home BOINC as a
Windows Service, while enabling RPC.

Fix Help causing Application Errors.



Remove Ads While Browsing.

  How to reduce inline banner advertisements and pop-up ads while surfing.

Your built in Windows Disk Defragmenter is broken or no longer active after removing some software. How to restore it.

  Defrag Broken


  Is your Windows system running a little slowly, try my basic Windows Optimisation Tips, for ways to get the most out of your computer


  Spot Planets and Mars Opposition

Fix a Ball Point Pen

  Ball Point Pen

Are you running Windows XP without Service Pack 1? If so you are very vulnerable while using the net.

The vulnerability allows a malicious web site, email or person to delete any files they please from your  computer.

Proof of concept and fix info


  Windows XP




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