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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 December 2003  
Johnny Castaway Screensaver
(once called Screenantics)

Everyone's favorite screensaver.

One of the very few screensavers
that you can keep you watching
for more than 15 seconds.

Download for XP only


Installation Notes (all windows flavours)

-  Extract all the files into
your windows directory.
- Edit the 2nd line in the
JohnCast.ini file to be
your windows directory.

   Johnny Castaway



Online Search
there is only one place to start your search:






  Interesting Links


Bored? Don't know where to look now?
Try a random link, from my list of almost 2000 places on the net.

It's not completely guaranteed to be interesting, but it will take you to some strange, funny, different or educational web sites:

Please do not use if you are easily offended.




Jump To Random Site.

You may end up at dead site, just try again.



Free online Virus Scan. No matter what software you have, it may not always pick up all viruses. This online scan has picked up viruses other scanners have missed. You should run it every so often, just to make sure:



Formula 1. The highest form of motor racing we currently have, it has a worldwide viewing audience that ranks 3rd in numbers (behind the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup), pretty good considering it is on every two weeks, not 4 yearly like the first two.

The old best site became a pay site, now, the next best site has gone, so www.Planet-F1.com is now my pick for the best F1 information:

  Ralf Flying in Melbourne 2002


Ever wondered who that actress was in a movie? What else they stared in? One of the oldest web sites on the net, but a totally invaluable source of Movie information, Internet Movie DataBase:





Stelios' Info 


Santa Claus?!
Kyriakos' Web


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