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Last Updated: Friday, 29 August 2003  

Digital Cameras

Following enquiries about my method of taking photos for the net, I will share what I use.

All the photos you see here are taken with a Sony P1 digital camera at 1600 x 1200 resolution. Even though the camera can do up to 2048 x 1536, I think this is overkill for everyday use, it simply creates a very large file, thus reducing the number of photos you can store on the memory stick.

P1The photos you see on my pages, are shrunk down to about 800 x 600 size, to save a little on download time and layout better on the page.

I held off ages from getting a digital camera until I could get quality similar to film. The 3 Meg Pixels and  higher cameras seem to be what I consider photo quality, they do not have that digital pixilation and colour tinges, that you used to see with older cameras.

P9The Sony P1 is brilliant, except in night time photos, the onboard flash is just not quite up to it. You may be able to see this in some on my photos. BUT I've played with the new model, P9, which is very nice in night photos with the flash, so that is the one I would recommend to anyone. Great photos, a good size for carrying and very stylie too. Other cameras are smaller, but just don't have the picture quality of this line of Sony's.


I would recommend to anyone to buy a 128Meg memory stick at the time of purchase, you will never use the baby one they supply with the camera.


No matter how high tech we all get, you will still want to print out the odd photo, just to be able to hold it, or put it up somewhere. Sony's DPV-SP77 printers, are just magic. They print out 6" x 4" borderless prints that as hard to pick from an actual traditional photo. You can put the memory stick straight in from the camera and use the touch screen for editing, or use the USB port to print from your computer. DPV-SV77

The paper is layed out like a postcard on the back, so sending photos is a breeze. I've sent many a postcard to friends after adventures, they always go down well. The photos have a clear coat which makes them quite durable. This printer uses dye sublimation, which provides a continuous range of colours, not a bunch of dots, like an inkjet printer, so the print is much better.

You will go through the paper though, so the running cost are quite high.


Any more questions, just email below.



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