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Thursday, 14 July 2005 #

New Zealand Cricket Tour of Zimbabwe

There has been a bit of debate lately about the upcoming Black Caps tour of Zimbabwe.

On one side, NZ Cricket boss Martin Snedden has been adamant, that the tour would have to go ahead because of stiff financial penalties and contracts with the ICC (International Cricket Council). Meanwhile most New Zealanders seem against the tour because of the terrible human rights violations being committed by Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's leader.

I think, that our sports teams should not be placed into a position where they have to make decesions on where they tour based on politics, they should be given guidance from above. The ICC, should have told us not to tour, it's very poor of them to stand back and do nothing. So that leaves the NZ government to step in. Our government should step in and stop any tour of a New Zealand representative team to places like Zimbabwe. For once the Green party have been pushing a good idea, with their idea of legislating against the tour.

We as a country must step up and stand against what we believe is wrong!


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